Still overly brief and incomplete– but in a whole new way.

Two things I noticed whilst working on this…

1. We’ve been making up new kinds of yoga for FOREVER.

Long before Americans shouldered the blame for trademarking yoga, teachers were specifying what they wanted to teach. They took what worked for them and left out what didn’t. They took their influence from all different places, including religion or even Western gymnastics. They broke with their teachers to make their own path. If this didn’t happen, my whole chart would be a big boring list of “begats.”

And you know what? I lurve this. It says to me what I’ve thought all along: that there is no “right” yoga. There is no “best” yoga. There are just a ton of different teachers and styles that prioritize in different ways. There is a yoga that resonates with you, and there is a yoga that resonates with that rude, mean neighbor you have that never waves no matter how friendly you are. Not that I would know…

2. These are NOT saints.

There are some bad dudes in this chart. I don’t want to repeat some of the stuff I learned, because I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of it, but their are rapists, child-molesters, thieves, cheaters, adulterers, lairs and charlatans on this list.

Teachers, no matter how revered by some, are just humans. Remember that.


2 thoughts on “Still overly brief and incomplete– but in a whole new way.

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