A little love note to: SYNCstudio

Ashley on the bike; Christine on the mat.
Ashley on the bike; Christine on the mat.

I didn’t think that me and SYNC would be buddies initially. I’ve already mentioned I broke my “Feel The Burn” button. SYNC has hand-weights and jump-ropes and a whole room full of stationary bikes.

I was skerred.

Well, shame on me for judging a book by its exercise equipment. When I started assisting my buddy David’s Saturday classes, it quickly became one of my favorite yoga-related activities. Everyone is so kind and friendly; Ashley and Christine (the brains of the operation) as well as all the students and teachers. Everyone smiles at you here. Everyone asks how you are and wants to hear the answer.

There is a place for folks who love to feel the burn, and there is also a place for me, Queen of Child’s Pose.

I never feel an air of competition in the yoga room, even when classes are challenging. The atmosphere is always playful and encouraging. I took a class from Christine and she instructed firefly pose (a tough one). Later on she told us, “I didn’t teach that pose to make you feel bad if you can’t do it. It’s hard. Take it one step at a time.” I was really touched. Especially since I spent that section of class in–you guessed it–child’s pose. 🙂

I am always delighted in the diversity of people I see at the studio. All shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders and styles show up. Also a surprising number of couples and parent/child duos, which really adds to the feeling of community here. And everyone is just so danged proud to be apart of this community!

Something I really appreciate is that everything at SYNC is always working so smoothly. There is always someone knowledgeable and kind behind the counter. The bathrooms are spotless little oasis of modern convenience. There are always a plethora of clean towels for your sweaty self. Classes start on time and end on time. Those kind of consistencies are so comforting.

One thing SYNC has that really stands out: enthusiasm. They love what they do. The spin teachers plan their playlists meticulously. The yoga teachers are prepared and present. The special events are executed with such love it becomes contagious.  Ashley made a little sign to hang in the bathroom for “Yoga and Cupcakes” and it looked something like this:



They want to be there that makes me want to be there.

Thank you, SYNC, for being so consistently wonderful. Kisses!

3 thoughts on “A little love note to: SYNCstudio

  1. Way to sum it up 🙂 I happened to purchase a groupon-thingie for SYNC last fall, and finally redeemed it over winter break when I had a bit of free time. I was only expecting to use my four classes, and only do yoga. Indoor cycling was not my thing. And it was a 20-minute drive to the studio from my house in Carrboro, so what was the point of making it a regular part of my life?

    Within two weeks I had bought a three-month unlimited pass. The indoor cycling that wasn’t “my thing”? It got me through the winter, when my fair-weather self was unwilling to go for a run outside. Then I’d snuggle up next to one of the space heaters for a yoga class and sweat out whatever I had left, which is just the way I like to do it. And those 20-minute drives became kind of a nice little break during the day.

    But because this is primarily about yoga, I can say that I love the variety of instruction and the enthusiasm and joy infused into each class. I’ve found myself doing arm balances I didn’t think were possible before, and actually feeling the four corners of my feet. And the encouragement and individualized attention NEVER STOPS. It is amazing. Love those guys. Namaste 🙂

  2. Ali, Thanks so much for such a wonderful and sweet post. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate these words and also your presence at our studio. We have a great community which makes it pretty easy to WANT to be at the studio all the time happy, enjoying life, practicing yoga and bumpin the beats in cycling! 😉

    Ashley and SYNCSTUDIO

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