The Revolution

The revolution is getting up, doing the right thing all day long, and doing it again the next day.

The revolution is taking responsibility for your mistakes,

and listening to that nagging feeling in your gut that lets you know you might be making one.

The revolution is letting go of your dogma and letting others’ wash over you harmlessly.

The revolution is speaking the truth seriously and often, even when it is difficult.

The revolution cores, like an apple, the system from the inside.

The revolution is looking into the eyes of everyone you meet and acknowledging them as an equal.

The revolution is helping those around you, just because you want to.

The revolution names no enemies, and sees in everyone a potential ally.

The revolution is in action, not rhetoric.

The revolution is making each interaction a “new normal.”

The revolution is voting with your dollar most of the time, and with your ballot every chance you get.

Revolutionaries go to work, have children, have friends, and have lives.

The revolution is a steady diet of hopeful words and a fast from hateful ones.

The revolution is too subtle to have a flag, or a leader, or a logo, or a slogan.

The revolution will not be televised because it doesn’t read well visually.


9 thoughts on “The Revolution

  1. Oh man, I just love this! So glad to have found your blog through, which is nutty because we are neighbors (I live in Raleigh)…yay!

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