In awe of: Heather McCutchen

Doing a post on Heather McCutchen is a bit of a risk. I honestly am not sure if I’ve selected the best photos from her blog….arg, let alone her portfolio!

Heather’s photos blow me away. She captures this sense of movement like I’ve never seen…A feeling of being in the moment in a way that’s even more intense than if you are actually experiencing the moment.

And, that’s part of my “in awe of,” for sure.  More of it, though, extends to her person.

Heather loves squirrels more than anyone I have ever known, and I knew a family with a pet squirrel. (I grew up in the woods, gimme a break.)

She grew up with big dogs, but followed her heart in adopting two AMAZING Chinese crested pooches.

She lived her whole life on the West Coast and then up and moved to Carrboro, NC.

Heather on the L, Ali on the R
Heather on the L, Ali on the R

She got two friends to join her in dressing as “Three French Hens” for my Christmas Pub-Crawl, and they rocked it.

And last, but furthest from least…she is now completely available to you as a photographer. She does dogs, families, engagements, weddings, and ME. (Her wedding portfolio is coming soon on her site.)

So, you’re welcome, Triangle. You’re welcome for bringing one of the most talented, sensitive, hardworking photog to your attention. Thank you’s can be registered in the comments. 😉

from Michelle Johnson (pictured above…)

Sweet Heather is full of sunshine.  She is a super-talented human who can make blue herons show up for photo shoots right on time. She sees the world with a big lens encompassing everything and balancing the heaviness of life with the lightness in life.

5 thoughts on “In awe of: Heather McCutchen

  1. yay! heather can sure capture the best moments on film or pixel. i love scrolling through her images on wander and scrawl. definitely in awe of.

  2. I’m not sure there is anything *not* to be in awe of regarding Heather. Her personality, her cute button nose, her compassion for others that you can feel from across the room. Maybe those are all reasons she is able to capture images with such finesse, and charm, and an unique eye. I may be living California now, but I have Heather on speed dial for anything in my life that needs to be captured exactly as I see it. Oh, did I mention that she loves to travel?

  3. Thank you, Heather, for sharing yourself with the Triangle.

    Thank you, Ali, for sharing Heather with us.


  4. Aw, guys! Gee whiz! ❤ ❤ ❤
    This is the nicest webpage in all of the interwebs and I'm going to come back here every time I'm feeling blue. THANK YOU – To Ali and to all the sweetheart comment-makers for taking a moment out of life to make me feel special. It means the world to me!

  5. I’ve known Heather since she was a young photog here in Seattle and before she was a twinkle in many clients eyes ;). She has been a friend and creative colleague since. Beauty, fearlessness, grace. There are more words which can be used. But these spring immediately to mind, along with the respect I have for the path she has walked and who she has become. Blessings from Seattle, Heather. Miss you.

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