Lisa Bradrick’s Yoga Challenge

Lisa Bradrick

I am experiencing this rad new phenomenon of meeting people I already know online. Oh, to live in the future! Delightful. I am also enjoying pay-at-the-pump gasoline, Google calender, anti-biotics, blenders, and my brother and dad talking about how great their digital readers are. Magical times.

Last night my e-buddy Lisa Bradrick took my Emotional Rescue class. Lisa is doing a 21-day yoga challenge and writing about it on her bloggy-wog. She is really descriptive and sensitive to what is happening in each class. If you want to get a more in-depth idea of what a class with a specific teacher may be like, this is a great place to investigate. Here’s an excerpt from what she wrote about Emotional Rescue:

Alison set up each mat with plenty of props; bolster, blanket, blocks, eye pillow, the works!  To began practice she asked us to lie down in savasana; our version of the pose.  She invited us to find the most comfortable form we could and to push towards feelings of comfort and away from feelings of pain, tightness or tension.  Alison told us we didn’t need to think, problem solve, or attend to anything, which was a statement that made me sigh with relief.

Tell Ali all about it!

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