Bustin out a thank you

image from here.
this pic is funny because that pen obvi did not write that silver letterpress…

I left out a BIG part of my post On Assisting. My teacher.

Cherry Foreman has studied assisting and yoga for years and not only did she work hard to bring this knowledge to my teacher training, but she spent nine, that’s right NINE hours– longer than a work day– with another teacher and me helping us hone our assists. That post is incomplete without giving credit to Cherry’s dedication to passing on this knowledge and her passion for great assists.

from Cherry…

I’m just glad my teaching and assisiting, and all my Baptiste Assistant Training, your teacher training at Franklin St, and the countless hours I spent with you teaching assisting has made its way into such good hands, an open heart, and a desire to keep sharing!! Keep on sharing the love! You go girl!!

Cherry Foreman, Vinyasa/Assisting Instructor

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