Shame to go forever…

Boss: Thinking about some candy. Now, what’s the most expensive you’ve got?

Ralph: Ooh. I got just the thing. This is dark chocolate. It comes all the way from Switzerland, Europe. That’s near France, see. They call it bittersweet. Melts in your mouth.

Boss: You tried it?

Ralph: No.

Boss: How do you know it melts in your mouth?

Ralph: Well, truth is we can’t afford it ourselves.

Boss: Mm-hmm. I’ll take two.

Ralph: Don’t you want to know how much?

Boss: Nope.

This is good.  Worth every penny.  Try that, Ralph. Go on.

Sitting right here in front of you.

Never even tried it.

Shame to go forever without taking a taste of something.

Open Range, 2003

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