A silly little Saturday post; Facebook stylee

I had a full head of purple hair for about six months when I was 22. It was glorious. I flirted with the idea of going to stunt-man school after college. Instead, I went to circus school. I won “best smile” contest in 1st grade AND the next year in 2nd grade. Boom! With very little exception, I think Dior’s New Look is the best fashion concept in the last hundred years and I don’t know why women ever got convinced to dress differently. My brother and I can communicate completely through “The Simpsons” quotes. I love dance and hate tapdance. My mom and her best friend were extras in “The Village” by M. Night Shyamalan. I don’t really like movies. The last movie I saw was “Star Trek” in the theater. By myself. But I’ve seen Back to the Future enough times to quote it to you. Oh yeah. Speaking of movies, I think the Aliens Trilogy (yes, trilogy) is the best feminist thesis ever written. Whatever the opposite of a packrat is, I’m that. Two people in this world have tattoos on their skin I’ve drawn. Unless it follows a blues formula or involves crazy costumes, I have very little interest in music made after 1989. I love abandoned structures and antiquated tableware. Although it rarely happens, I often get my hopes up that a surprise gift has been left at my doorstep.

Tell Ali all about it!

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