BKS Iyengar is not better than you. Sadie Nardini is not better than you, either.

They are just people. They’ve effed up and cried and gotten mad at their friends. They’ve been selfish and mean and forgotten to do stuff. Can we all learn about this wacky yoga thing from them? Sure. Can they get into awesome poses and figure out handstands? Sure!

But do they know more about YOUR body? No way. All their teaching, in the end, boils down to their own experience. Your practice, in the end, boils down to your own experience.

If you never heard of yoga, you would still be on your path to truth and gratitude. You would carve it through the jungle for yourself. I know you would. Because I see that clarity and determination in your eyes when you come to class. “Yoga” is just a handy technology us humans have been working with for a while.

You don’t need a map, or a modification, or a master. You were headed there before yoga. You were going there anyway.

Call no man Master and every man Teacher.

Tell Ali all about it!

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