Portraits by Bela Fishbeyn

Bela Fishbeyn took these vibrant portraits of Jennie and me in June.

We went down to the UNC arboretum which was just so lush and alive…

A gorgeous, humid, Carolina summer day…

A day I’m missing a bit in the heart of winter, I must say…

Thank you, Bela!

3 thoughts on “Portraits by Bela Fishbeyn

    1. Thanks girl! But uhm, in bigger news, you’ve been writing a food blog for fifty-eight days and I didn’t know about it?? Shock! Amazement! Where do you find time for all these things and feeding squirrels, too? ❤

  1. Ha ha! Yeah – that old thing. It’s keeping me honest! A friend and I started food blogging together – it’s not like a fun food blog though, with beautiful juicy food pictures – it’s literally just the shtuff I put in my mouth. Yawn!

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