On Love and the Business of Yoga

I believe money is the currency of appreciation.

I believe teaching yoga is a skill worthy of appreciation.

I believe that there is enough yoga business to employ all excellent teachers.

I believe that students will pay for excellent instruction and that will push us all to be more and more excellent instructors.

I believe that if other teachers succeed, it means we all succeed.

I believe that as yoga teachers we are working towards a tipping point where more people are awake than asleep. (From Beryl Bender Birch)

  • And, I think that the more yoga teachers there are, the more people are waking up.

I believe that any attempt at undermining other teachers’ business or reputations will blow up in our faces and frame us as fools and hypocrites.

I believe that the more studios there are, the more students will find yoga, and therefore more teachers can be employed and more studios will succeed and the more studios will open and then the more students will find yoga.

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